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    A Capable National Assembly
    A professional-centered legislative support system of the highest quality
    The think tank of the National Assembly working to ensure a brighter future for the Republic of Korea!
    This is the National Assembly Research Service of the Republic of Korea

    Summary, History, and Organization>
    Founded in March 2007, the National Assembly Research Service of the Republic of Korea is a professional legislative think tank that supports the National Assembly’s legislative activities by undertaking research on legislative and policy issues and providing relevant research and analysis.

    NARS was reorganized into 3 research offices in 2009 after it was originally launched with 65 employees and has grown to become a comprehensive legislative policy think tank with 126 staff by actively recruiting experts from diverse fields.

    We continue to strive to ensure the success of legislative activities and boost the credibility of the National Assembly, by maintaining non-partisanship and balance as well as through the provision of accurate information, backed by a high degree of professionalism.

    We analyze legislative and policy-making issues submitted by the Committees and Members of the National Assembly and provide prompt, non-partisan, and high-quality responses.

    Since its establishment, the number of legislative investigative requests submitted to NARS has exhibited a continual increase. As of 2018, the number of responses had tripled compared to a decade ago and in December of the same year, the cumulative number of responses exceeded 60,000.

    NARS actively discovers and examines both current and potential legislative and policy matters that are likely to emerge as pending issues, and provides differentiated legislative reports to Members of the National Assembly.

    We have published 2,500 reports across 7 categories in total. Through these reports, we have analyzed the main legislative and policy-making tasks in advance and suggested feasible legislative strategies.

    NARS provides a platform for the development of comprehensive and non-partisan policies, by hosting seminars and forums on a wide range of current issues and policy-making tasks.

    In addition, we play a pivotal role in networking among parliamentary research services, by hosting a annual international seminar.

    Moreover, we try to promote interaction with the people, by hosting a nationwide legislative and policy analysis proposal competition to help people seek out legislative and policy-making ideas within daily life.

    A centennial dream for a better future!
    NARS is the nation’s premier legislative policy think tank preparing for a new centennial of the Republic of Korea.

    We will pursue high-quality and specialized legislative research services, by professionals in diverse areas and establishing a scientific and independent analysis system utilizing big data and Artificial Intelligence.
    We will establish a strategy to provide centralized support for current issues that the National Assembly faces and a steadfast legislative support system for the National Assembly.

    We will provide advanced legislative and policy analysis support by preemptively analyzing legislative demands linked to peace on the Korean peninsula, the promotion of cooperation between the two Koreas, the 4th Industrial Revolution, and new industrial growth.

    The National Assembly Research Service is at the forefront of the advanced policy-centered National Assembly!

    NARS will provide practical legislative and policy analysis by creatively integrating academic and practical knowledge.

    We will do our utmost as the premier think tank of the National Assembly to enhance its legislative capabilities and promote an even brighter future for the Republic of Korea.